School Visits - we bring the Birds to you.

Hawkwise Falconry deliver high quality, hands on, stimulating sessions that appeal to every age group.
Using birds of prey is an exciting and different way to capture pupils' imagination; they encourage team working and help develop communication skills.
Many aspects of the current National Curriculum link easily with birds of prey.
We bring the birds to you and cover subjects including -
Tudor History (in costume)
We will look at Rich and Poor, food and pastimes and famous Tudors
Habitat and adaptation
Our birds can be used to illustrate topics such as Natural Selection, Adaptation of Species, Conservation, Food Chains, Habitat and Human Impact on the Environment.

We can also provide birds for Assembly or School Fetes

Additional resource for Teachers
Hawkwise have a Facebook group where teachers can download handouts, learning activities, resource notes.
To join click here or search Hawkwise Education in the groups field on facebook, request to join and you’ll be given access to the page.