We offer two options for photographing our Birds of Prey and Owls - a "point n' click" session, and a more specialist, tutored photography workshop.

A brief summary is below but our GALLERIES will also possibly give you an idea of which may be most suitable for you.

"Point n' Click"

For those with perhaps a casual interest in their Raptor images, looking to achieve something a little better than the standard falconry-centre images but perhaps not overly worried about achieving a 'professional-looking' result.

We charge just £35 for upto 2 1/2 hrs relatively close access for upto 15 photographers and generally will cover 3 bird species in this time.

There is no photography tuition and we shall remain in fairly close proximity to the centre office. Certain species subjects will not be available.

Tutored Photography Days

For those perhaps wishing to gain better images from their visit, with tuition and guidance throughout a whole day of photography.

Whilst aiming to equip with you the means to capture more professional-looking images, all skills levels are catered for - if in doubt contact phil directly beforehand for honest opinion regards your camera and it's capabilities.

The day begins (normally 10am) with a fairly relaxed 'classroom' session over tea and bacon rolls,

We talk about the importance of image aesthetics such as viewpoint, composition and backgrounds before even beginning to address the easy logic of camera settings.

How (and why) to control depth of field, ISO, exposure and exposure compensation, shutter speed etc are all covered in an intuitive and logical manner that you will be able to use not only on the day but importantly also after the event in your day to day photography.

A well-written, comprehensive but intuitive "how to" guide is available to all attendees either on the day or electoncially beforehand. See Phil's website for some free initial pointers.

A combination of practical 'hands-on' guidance and ongoing tuition is provided throughout the day as well as the opportunity to review images and gain critique either individually or as part of the group.

Please see Photography Workshops (external link) for more details, but in a nutshell offering
  • Acclaimed Tuition from an accredited photographer
  • Smaller group sizes to ensure good access to both the subject and tuition/guidance
  • Comprehenisve but simple tuition document (available in advance for pre-reading)
  • Longer access times
  • More specialist set-ups / environments
  • More subject species
  • Virtually guaranteed to improve your photography (based on feedback to date)
  • Ongoing support and guidance after the event including a 'client gallery' for gaining critiue and sharing with your new acquaintances.

The fees for our tutored days will vary dependant on specific schedule but are generally c. £95. Compare this with the £135 charged at Hawk Conservancy with no photography tuition! or £159 with an alternate photography tuition company

Reserve your place now for forthcoming tutored photography days - £40 deposit (Paypal)

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