About Us

Hawkwise Falconry was formed as we love our birds and enjoy flying them. By informing, educating and entertaining we try to share our passion and increase understanding of birds of prey, the sport of falconry and of the countryside in general. We want to create a ‘centre of excellence’ in both the presentation and management of our birds.
Through our displays and courses, we illustrate the role of the raptor as an apex predator and natural quality controller, and teach an understanding of the food chain and the interdependence of predator and prey. We also explain the physiological differences of the various species, and the reasons for this.

We believe in bringing birds of prey to as wide an audience as possible so people will be better informed towards them and nature in general.

We provide tuition in depth on every aspect of owning birds of prey but preach caution in taking up falconry as a pastime. The welfare of the birds is more important than pleasing impulse buyers. Where students do obtain birds we have an on-going commitment to support and advise them.

Our birds represent a selection of differing raptors from across the world. We prefer to use common birds rather than rare or endangered species. Ours is not a large collection as we prefer to care for a few birds well instead of a lot of birds inadequately. We rarely breed birds. So many are produced commercially that this is not necessary.

For education, experiences and "special bookings" call Becky on 07980 845637 or email hawkwise.falconry@yahoo.co.uk

For enquiries for tutored photography days only call Phil or Maxine on 01562 851664 or email phil