Hawkwise Statement of commitment to Accessibility

Hawkwise is committed to ensuring equal access and participation for all customers regardless of age and ability. We are committed to treating people with disabilities in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence whilst experiencing interaction with a Bird of Prey.
We believe in offering an interactive experience to all customers and are committed to meeting the needs of all customers in a positive manner.
Hawkwise will do so by -
Flying birds which are subject to Ethical Review and are suitable for all ages and abilities
Using birds with bells fitted for those with visual impairment
Availability of a right handed glove (as well as the traditional/usual left handed)
Availability of a ‘Mangla’ an Arab falconry glove styled as a cuff for any cultural needs or an easy to put on option
Disability Awareness training for Falconry staff
Use of suitable font and colour on posters
Incorporate tactile ‘props’ such as hoods, feathers and equipment during displays